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Dr. Sultan Hasan AlSultan

Al-Qassim University, Saudi Arabia

Dr. AlSultan

Dr Sultan main professional interest has been on Remote Sensing for Desert Area Development as well as City and Environmental Land Management. Within that field of interest Dr Sultan obtained his PhD from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan just after graduating from MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and previously from George Washington University, both in the USA. Dr Sultan has been senior researcher with NASA and the USGS both in the USA, and has been researcher in JAXA, RESTEC-Japan. At present, he is (CEO, TECRS, Saudi Arabia) a leading Environmental Consultant of Remote Sensing Institution and its parcener of Al-Qassim University. And as Saudi Arabia Coordinator for the Mission Idea Contest.

Dr. Sultan has served as Member of the Saudi Arabia Parliament in three committees: (a) Energy and Economy, (b) Housing and Public Service, and (c) Transportation, Communication and IT. Currently, Design new small satellite and he is in charge of outstanding projects such as: (i) Riyadh City Thermal Evaluation for Riyadh Greening Strategy in contract with Tokyo Institute of Technology and Riyadh Royall Developing Authority; (ii) Evolving for Smart Riyadh Greening Management Information System with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Riyadh Royall Developing Authority; (iii) Emerging a proposal of collection and dissemination of geospatial data of Saudi Arabia for the Saudi General Survey Commission; (iv) Implementing a proposal for Hajj and Holly Sites Infrastructure (1440 H-2019) for the Saudi Public Investment Fund, and also making a Pilot Study for Hajj infrastructure (1441 H-2020); (v) Performing a project of Space Time GIS for Smart Infrastructure for GCC Municipalities; (vi) Developing a Water & Agriculture project for the Saudi Arabia Kingdom; (vii) Organizing workshops & training on space and time in open source geospatial software, pursuing an approach of System with Problem solving Methodology, among others commitments.

Contact: sultan(at)tecrsinc.com

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