UNISEC Global Debris Mitigation Competition

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you introduce useful tool for analyzing end of life for satellites?

ESA's Debris Risk Assessment and Mitigation Analysis tool (DRAMA)

CNES offers free software "the Semi-analytic Tool for End of Life Analysis (STELA)"

Is there a list of suggested reading?

Space Debris Environment Remediation, H. Klinkrad & N.L. Johnson (Ed.'s), International Academy of Astronautics, ISBN 2-917761-30-4, Aug. 2013

Space Debris Mitigation, C. Bonnal & W. Flury (Ed.'s), International Academy of Astronautics, ISBN 2-9516787-7-0, May 2006

Space Traffic Management, P. Lala & K.-U. Schrogl (Ed.'s), International Academy of Astronautics, ISBN 2-9516787-5-4, 2006

ISO 24113:2011(en) Space systems — Space debris mitigation requirements

Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC) References

UNOOSA resources (Specifically the documents under "Regulatory and Legal Issues" and JSPOC recommendations under "Orbital Data Information and Conjunction Assessment Services")

De-orbiting Strategies download, Herman Styen, presentation at DDC pre-committee meeting, Jan, 2016

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