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Associated Event : Training course "Applied Space Systems Engineering"

On the occasion of holding the 7th Nano-Satellite Symposium and the 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting on October 17 - 23, 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey, a special seminar program will be organized as follows:

"Applied Space Systems Engineering"

  • Date: Oct 14(Fri)-16(Sun), 2016
  • Venue: Istanbul Technical University
  • Instructor: Dr. Peter Van Wirt
  • Tuition: 1,200 Euro/person
  • Application Deadline: 15 September, 2016
  • Note: A minimum of 10 participants will be needed to hold the course.
    If the minimum number of committed participants is not reach, the course will not be held.
    Contact: secretariat(at)unisec-global.org

Course Description: This course examines the practical application of space systems engineering processes throughout the life cycle. The course is aimed at practical, hands-on application of systems engineering tools and processes that can be realistically applied within your project environment to produce effective space systems. Using a combination of lecture, interactive discussions and group exercises, the course presents a detailed review of 17 major systems engineering processes within three major categories: Design, Realization and Systems Engineering Management. A detailed end-to-end space system case study is used to translate theory to practice by illustrating detailed how-to examples for achieving and establishing each major technical baseline throughout the mission life cycle.

With over 20 years in the business, Teaching Science and Technology, Inc. (TSTI) assists companies and organizations who wish to improve their systems engineering skills as they relate to the space domain.
TSTI presents quality short courses and workshops in space systems engineering and program management to customers around the world. The teaching style is highly interactive with emphasis on learning-by-doing and practical real-world examples and applications.
The courses provide the processes, tools, and information necessary to "jump-start" new-hires to the space business or improve the performance of mid- to senior-level engineers, systems engineers, and technical program managers. In addition, TSTI provides focused systems engineering support to organizations as they approach critical events in the development process and work as red team support. They wrote the books that describe systems engineering in the space domain, and the instructors have all had practical systems engineering and project management experience in developing countries. The client list
includes: TUBITAK, NASA, US DoD, ESA, Lockheed-Martin, MELCO (Japan) and many others around the globe.

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