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Second Announcement

The Second UNISEC-Global Meeting
November 18-20, 2014, Kitakyushu, Japan

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1. Purpose

  • As a follow-up to the decision of the establishment of UNISEC-Global and the adoption of the “Terms of Reference for UNISEC-Global” at the end of the first UNISEC-Global Meeting on November 24, 2013 at the University of Tokyo in Japan
  • To encourage the furtherance of the discussions made during the first meeting, with particular attention to users’ needs & technical potentials
  • To contribute to the Implementation described in the “Terms of Reference for UNISEC-Global,” especially to Members’ continuous effort to promote project-based space education, and to ensure that their respective policy-and decision-makers understand the importance of space education and support their activities, the following is a rough outline of the Second UNISEC-Global Meeting

2. Venue

3. Tentative Program

  • November 18 (Tuesday):
    AM: UNISON-Global Meeting (student workshop)
    Late PM: UNISEC-Global/Opening Session
  • November 19 (Wednesday)
    AM: Mission Idea Contest (MIC3)
    Late PM: Visit to Samurai House and Garden by bus
    Evening: Reception
  • November 20 (Thursday)
    AM: Cube-Sat Session, Group Discussion
    PM: Group Discussion, Acknowledgement, Closing
    Evening: Gala Dinner

4. Registration Fee

The registration fee for the 2nd UNISEC=Global Meeting is 10,000 yen. The fee will cover the reception, coffee, distribution material, bus fee, entrance fee of the Japanese garden, etc. The payment page will be set up on the website soon.

5. Entry Visa

We will set up visa information on the website soon. Meanwhile, whether or not you need a Japanese visa, please visit the visa pages in the website of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

6. Exhibition

An exhibition will be held during the two international meetings in the same venue- the International Workshop on Small Satellite Standardization on November 17-18, and the 2nd UNISEC-Global Meeting on November 18-20, 2014 respectively. The Exhibitor’s Manual will appear on the website around mid-July.

7. Tourist Information and Hotel

Please visit the kita-kyushu area and click the accommodations button at

8. Structure

  • Local Organizing Committee
    - Prof. Mengu Cho, Kyutech (Chairperson)
    - Prof. Harunori Nagata, Hokkaido Univ. (Vice Chairperson)
    - Prof. Toshiya Hanada, Kyushu Univ.
    - Prof. Koju Hiraki, Kyutech
    - Prof. Akira Iwasaki, the Univ. of Tokyo
    - Prof. Shinichi Kimura, Tokyo Univ. of Science
    - Prof. Takaaki Matsumoto, Kyutech
    - Prof. Yasuyuki Miyazaki, Nihon Univ.
    - Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka, the Univ. of Tokyo
    - Prof. Keiichi Okuyama, Kyutech
    - Prof. Hironori Sahara, Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.
    - Prof. Koichi Yonemoto, Kyutech
    (Alphabetical order)

  • Program Committee
    - Prof. A Rustem Aslan, Istanbul Technical University
    - Dr. Werner Balogh, United Nations
    - Prof. Mengu Cho, Kyutech
    - Prof. Shinichi Kimura, Tokyo Univ. of Science
    - Prof. Mohammed Khalil Ibrahim, Cairo University
    - Prof. Yasuyuki Miyazaki, Nihon University
    - Prof. Harunori Nagata, Hokkaido University
    - Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka, the University of Tokyo
    - Prof. Jordy Puig-Suari, Calpoly
    - Prof. Rainer Sandau, IAA
    - Prof. Klaus Schilling, University of Würzburg
    - Prof. Herman Steyn, Stellenbosch University
    - Prof. Sir. Martin Sweeting, Surrey Space Centre
    (Alphabetical order)

  • Secretariat (Point of Contact)
    Ms. Rei Kawashima (Secretary General, UNISEC-Global)
    c/o University Space Engineering Consortium (UNISEC)
    Central Yayoi 2F, 2-3-2 Yayoi, Bunkyo, Tokyo 113-0032, Japan
    Tel: +81-3-5800-6645
    Fax: +81-3-3868-2208
    Email: secretariat@unisec-global.org


9. Associated Events (organized by Kyutech)

  • Nov 15(Sat)-16(Sun) : Satellite Testing Tutorial- AnnoucementDownload the annoucement
  • Nov 17(Mon)-18(Tue) : International Workshop on Small Satellite Standardization
    (Open session on 17th, Closed session on 18th)

    Contact: Mr. Michio Ozawa
    Office of the 2nd UNISEC-Global Meeting
    c/o UNISEC, Central Yayoi 2F,
    2-3-2 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0032, Japan
    TEL: +81-3-6231-4404 FAX:+81-3-3868-2208
    Email: secretariat@unisec-global.org




International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)


Watch the presentations from the previous UNISEC-Global meeting

July 10, 2014
The 2nd UNISEC-Global Meeting

Updated announcement

July 5, 2014
New point of contact in Lithuania

Please welcome a new point of contact: Dr. Vidmantas Tomkus, Lithuanian Space Association.

June 26, 2014
Extended Deadlines

The deadlines for the abstracts of Student Representatives, Group Discussion Topics, and Mission Idea Contest 3 have been extended to 4 July, 2014. [Call for papers]

June 4, 2014
Registration for Global Meeting is open!

Register online for the 2nd UNISEC-Global Meeting. [Register]

May 26, 2014
Conditions for a new UNISEC-Region/Country (Local Chapter)

May 25, 2014
Satellite Testing Tutorial

The annoucement of the Satellite Testing Tutorial is available. The tutorial is scheduled on 15-16 November, 2014 during the 2nd UNISEC-Global Meeting.
[2nd UNISEC-Global Meeting]

May 6, 2014
Vision of UNISEC-Global and terms of reference
will be available in multiple languages- five languages and counting.

April 2, 2014
New point of contact in UNISEC-North Mexico

Please welcome a new point of contact: Dr. Bermudez Reyes, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

March 4, 2014
New point of contact in Japan

Please welcome a new point of contact: Professor Cho, Kyushu Institute of Technology (KIT).

February 27, 2014
New point of contact in Slovenia

Please welcome a new point of contact: Professor Blazic, the University of Slovenia

February 27, 2014
New point of contact in Singapore

Please welcome a new point of contact: Professor Low, Nanyang Technological University

February 14, 2014
The 2nd UNISEC-Global Meeting

Call for Papers

February 13, 2014
New point of contact in Brazil

Please welcome a new point of contact: João Dallamuta

February 3, 2014
Function of Point of Contact Function of Point of Contact (POC)
was uploaded.

January 19, 2014
The report, movies, and presentation slides of the 1st UNISEC-Global Meeting are available!

January 9, 2013
New point of contact in Switzerland

Dr. Cen Ozan Asma Swiss Space Systems Holding SA-S3

December 30, 2013
The first announcement of the 2nd UNISEC Global Meeting is released.

December 5, 2013
UNIGLO on facebook Follow us on Facebook

November 24, 2013
The 1st UNISEC Global Meeting has been successfully held with 112 participants from 31 countries/ regions and 2 international organizations on Nov 23-24, 2013. Terms of Reference have been unanimously adopted, and the establishment of UNISEC-Global has been declared.
Terms of Reference has been unamiously adopted, and the establishement of UNISEC-Global has been declared.

November 9, 2013
Topics of Small Group Discussions
at the UNIEC-Global Meeting is available.

November 9, 2013
Final Annoucement
of the 1st UNISEC-Global Meeting is available! (1 MB)

November 9, 2013
of the 1st UNISEC-Global Meeting is available! (0.4 MB)

November 1, 2013
New point of contact in Saudi Arabia

Dr. AlSultan at International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Oct 23, 2013
Conference presentation

International activities of UNISEC and Proposal of UNISEC-Global United Nations/United Arab Emirates Symposium on Basic Space Technology
"Small Satellite Missions for Developing Space Nations" 20-23 October 2013, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Oct 22, 2013
New point of contact in Indonesia

Dr. Layukallo at Surya University

August 25, 2013
Points of contact

Please welcome the UNISEC-Global points of contact (POC)!
map of the points of contact

August 9, 2013
Online registration now open

Visit the registration guideline to find your way.

August 6, 2013
How to Organize UNISEC in your region

how to organize a local UNISEC Latest Edition is available.

August 5, 2013
Call for Student Reps of Local UNISEC Chapters in the world

UNISEC plans to invite students who want to contribute to establishing and leading a local UNISEC chapter in their regions. One student per region will be invited to Tokyo to attend the 1st UNISEC-Global Meeting and the 5th Nano-Satellite Symposium. [more]

July 11, 2013
MIC Coordinators Wanted

The UNISEC-Global Meeting includes Pre-MIC3 (Mission Idea Contest). We are looking for coordinators who can help potential satellite users and satellite developers in your region.

July 1, 2013
First Annoucement

The 1st UNISEC-Global Meeting is scheduled on Nov 23-24.
See Guideline for Registration
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