Requirements for Debris Mitigation

Propose a post-mission disposal (PMD) or active debris removal (ADR) device that satisfies the following requirements:

  1. The device must be designed for the removal of a potentially non-cooperative lean satellite of 50 kg mass and maximum dimension of 1 meter. Total mass of a satellite and device can exceed 50 kg.
  2. The device will enable the satellite to re-entry within 11 years (i.e. one solar cycle) after activating. You can use any systems such as thruster, tether, membrane or electric propulsion.
  3. The device will be activated at 00:00:00 UTC, January 1, 2020 with the following orbit element:
    Semi-major axis7128 km
    Orbital inclination98.4 degree
    R.A.A.N30 degree
    Argument of Perigee210 degree
    Mean Anomaly190 degree

Evaluation Criteria

The proposed deorbit device is evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Originality (20)
  2. Cost (20)
  3. Technical feasibility (20)
  4. Effectiveness (10)
  5. Reliability (10)
  6. Debris risk (10)
  7. Impact on/for satellite (10)
1. Originality
Has the idea not yet been realized or proposed? Is there enough originality in the idea?
2. Cost
Is it affordable for lean space missions?
3. Technical feasibility - Mechanical and electrical design
Can the idea be realized with current or emerging technology?
4. Effectiveness
How effective and how fast can the satellite re-enter?
5. Reliability
Is the idea designed to fail with a low probability?
6. Debris risk
Does the idea generate risks in producing additional debris? Will it function even if the satellite is non-cooperative?
7. Impact on/for satellite
What is the mass, volume, power and operational requirement on/for the satellite to be removed?
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